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investment management Services

making managing your money easier for you 

investment management services 

You may not have the time or want to spend the time to implement and maintain your portfolio on an ongoing basis or you may simply find the process overwhelming.

Synergy Financial Planning’s Investment Management Services are an option for those clients who want to delegate the work to a professional rather than having to manage transfers, portfolio development, implementation, re-balancing, trades, and cash flows in and out of your accounts.  

Some of the tasks we could take off your plate include:

  • Initial and ongoing paperwork for setup and accounts transfers
  • Ultra low cost portfolio design and implementation
  • Immediate ACH transfers to and from checking accounts upon request 
  • Designing and setting up “retirement paychecks” where we transfer a set amount monthly to your checking account, just like when you were working
  • Setting up automatic savings building through automated transfers from your checking account monthly to build for your future
  • Tax efficient investment design for taxable accounts, as well as tax loss harvesting when appropriate
  • Ongoing monitoring of asset allocation and re-balancing as appropriate
  • Quarterly performance reports
  • Portfolio adjustments as long term economic or market conditions indicate, not short-term market timing

our investment management Fees 


As a fee only advisor, the only compensation I receive are from my clients and nobody else. All of my advice is always fiduciary and always in my clients’ best interest.

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