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hourly financial planning services

Custom designed financial Planning IN CONNECTICUT AND BEYOND

This planning option is ideal for clients looking for initial advice and guidance. Clients are able to design their own engagement and decide how much or how little financial planning structure they need. This option is flexible to tailor to your unique financial planning needs and on an as-needed basis. Fees are charged hourly at $150 per hour. During this time we can take a look at a variety of topics which may include retirement planning or portfolio reviews.

Portfolio Review

We provide advice for investors who want guidance or second opinions on an existing portfolio. We look at ALL your accounts and determine the best strategy for your whole portfolio based on risk, diversification, tax efficiency and expenses. This could include work retirement plans, IRA’s, annuities and various taxable accounts. We provide an analysis and recommendations for you to implement through a custodian of your choice. No financial products will be pushed, offered or sold in this or any engagement with Synergy Financial Planning.    

Fees for this service typically range from $450 to $900 for the initial review and recommendations. If desired, we can assist with the implementation as an additional service. 

*Note: No retirement projections are included in this engagement. Complex investment portfolios with numerous unique holdings and/or proprietary investments may require more work than the typical fee range.

Retirement Projection

A typical retirement projection plan would provide you with an overview of your current situation and will examine your ability to retire at a desired age. Using the recommended portfolio design as a base assumption, we will explore the probability of meeting your goals and dreams in retirement.

To impact the projection, we will provide further recommendations for steps you can take that will help you reach these goals and dreams. Plan refreshes, which include rebalancing instructions if needed, and re-running the Monte Carlo probabilities, are available at your option and would be billed at the hourly rate.  

The initial engagements typically ranges from $750 to $1,500 and plan refreshes are expected to cost $450 to $750. The fee includes portfolio review.

Retirement Income Planning

We provide a plan for the retirement phase of your life. An efficient portfolio design improves your ability to withdraw higher amounts than with a more costly or less efficient portfolio. A portfolio review is therefore a critical and integral part of this engagement. 

We examine your lifestyle needs, both essential and aspirational, and your long term goals with your investments. We also look at your various sources of income, such as social security and pensions. If there is a gap to close, we design the most efficient strategy for spending from your investments. The withdrawal strategy considers your end of life goals, along with long term sustainability of your nest egg, tax efficiency and type of accounts (Roth IRA vs Traditional IRA vs taxable accounts).  

The initial engagement typically ranges from $750 to $1,500 and plan refreshes are expected to cost $450 to $750. The fee includes portfolio review.