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Get to know us

Working Together to Overcome Financial Obstacles

Synergy Financial Planning is a fee-only, fiduciary practice providing financial advice to clients in all stages of their lives, regardless of net worth or investment amounts.
 We offer advice and guidance in a broad range of financial planning and investment management services, which include:

  • Retirement planning and lifestyle projections
  • Investment advice and portfolio design
  • Spending in retirement
  • Recommended savings rates to achieve your goals
  • College funding
  • House purchase analysis
  • Getting out of debt and budgeting
  • Risk Analysis (Insurance)
  • Social Security/Medicare strategies  
  • Tax efficient investing 
  • Second opinions
  • Planning for early retirement 
  • Financial planning after the loss of a spouse


A Fee-only, Fiduciary Practice

No Product Sales

  • As an office of CGN Advisors LLC, an independent firm, our only loyalty is to our client–not a brokerage firm or a mutual fund company.


  • We work with clients on a Fee-Only basis, meaning we do not accept commissions of any kind. We feel this is the most objective way to provide financial advice.
  • Commission based means the advisor is compensated from the products sold.  
  • Fee-based (often confused with Fee-Only) means the advisor can receive compensation from both the client and from commissions on any products sold. 


  • We have a fiduciary duty to provide advice that is in the best interest of the client, 100% of the time.